SAVE $5 per fabric when you empty the bolt!   

What's a bolt? 

A bolt is the cardboard piece that quilting fabrics are rolled onto. Basically if you buy the last of the fabric, you qualify!

How do I know how much fabric is left on the bolt? 

Click on the fabric you like and it will tell you in AVAILABILITY. It is shown in metres.  The fabric shown below has 8 metres available. Another way is to add 100 in the qty and when you add it to the cart the system will reduce the number to what’s available. Fabric quantity shown is not always 100% accurate. Generally it is accurate within 10cm but sometimes it may be more or less. If the quantity is different to what’s shown I will call you to confirm the stock before processing the order.   

How do I get the discount? 

When I pack your order in store I will add together how many bolts you empty and I will send you a gift certificate to use on your next order. You will receive a $5 voucher for EVERY BOLT you empty. For example, if you empty 3 bolts you will receive a $15 gift certificate to use against your NEXT purchase/s. The coupon code will be included on your invoice.   

Can I cash in the coupon? 

Coupons are not redeemable for cash and cannot be applied to the order where they have been collected. When does the Empty a Bolt Promo begin/end? The promotion starts now (January 5th) and applies to all sales (in store and online) until January 31st 2022. You can use you coupon in store or online until February  28th 2022.   

Do I have to spend the whole coupon at once? 

No. Just keep the code in a safe spot and enter the same code into the coupon section on any number of orders until the balance is used. Remember to keep your code secure as replacements will not be issued for lost or misplaced coupons.

Are ALL the fabrics included?  

New and old fabrics are included. If it's on a bolt, it counts. The only fabric that isn't included in this, are panels because they generally arn't stored on bolts. Some fabrics may only have a metre while others may have several available. You don't have to take the whole bolt when purchasing but if you don't you won't receive the $5 voucher.

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