Chenille is BACK! Pt 2

Lets finish our cushions!


If you're only just joining us you may have missed PART 1. You should go here to learn how to make the chenille fabric first.

Basically chenille is a great way to use up your 'not so nice' OR 'what was I thinking?!" fabrics from your stash. You know the ones... a sale too good to pass up but you're just not loving it, or tastes change over time and lets be real, some of those fabrics have been in the stash since last decade.

Your cushion front was trimmed to a nice 19" square last week and should now be ready to start on the back of the cushion cover. 

Your backing piece should be approximately 20" x 23". Cut it across the 20" side so that you have 2 pieces ONE 20" x 4" and ONE 20" x 19"(approximately - don't cut it down if it is longer)

Place the zip right side down on top of a backing piece. Using your zipper foot sew the zipper on. I have used a contrasting colour so you can see what's going on. You will need to unzip and re-zip the zipper part way through as shown. Leave the needle down and lift the presser foot. Slide the zip past the needle, lower the presser foot and continue sewing to the end.


I switched the foot back to my regular sewing foot to top stitch the fabric from the right side to help it sit nicely and avoid snagging the fabric in the zip. 


Back to the zipper foot... Place the unsewn side of the zipper right sides together on the remaining half of the backing piece. Sew along the edge close to the zip.


This time we want to fold the fabric down to cover the zip. You won't be able to fold it too far or your finished backing piece won't be large enough for your cushion front.


Back to the regular foot again for the last time. You need to top stitch along the zipper again to hold the fabric in place.


Unzip the zipper half way and pin the open side together so that it's sitting nicely.

Lay the cushion front ontop and pin all the way around.

Sew 3/8" seam all the way around the cushion. Trim off the excess backing to match the cushion front. Zig zag the edges to finish and stop fraying.

Turn the cushion right side out through the zipper and congratulations, 


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