Chenille is BACK!

Making A Chenille Cushion with me


First up you are going to need to get your materials organised. Chenille is a great way to use up your 'not so nice' OR 'what was I thinking?!" fabrics from your stash. You know the ones... a sale too good to pass up but you're just not loving it, or tastes change over time and lets be real, some of those fabrics have been in the stash since last decade.

Well, Chenille is the place to use it all up. See the middle layers arn't really seen. As long as the colours match your pretty one on the top, it just doesn't matter what the print is AT ALL.

So here's what you'll need:

1 x pretty FQ for the cushion front. 

4 x FQ's that match the colours in the first FQ.

1 x FQ for the cushion backing

1 x 50cm zip

1 x 28mm Slash cutter

1 x Chenille brush

1 x 45/50cm square cushion insert 

Set aside your base layer (blue in photo). If you purchased the kit from us here you will have a 50cm piece of the navy blue. Cut off a 20" x 20" piece for the base layer and keep the remaining piece for the back of the cushion.

The remaining 4 FQ's need to be trimmed to a 19" x 19" square. 

Stack them up making sure that they pretty one is on top. Each layer will be placed down right side UP. Be sure that you stack them in the top left corner of the base layer so that you have a 1" edge of base layer showing on the bottom and right side.


Before pinning the layers together, press the pretty one in half on the diagonal. This give you your first line to stitch. If you can't see the pressed seam, use your favourite chalk marker to draw the line.

Sew along the folded/drawn line. Move the needle to the far right and line the left side of the foot up with the previous sewn row. Continue sewing lines approximately 1/2" apart to completely cover the entire fabric.


Slide the long blue fin of the slash cutter between the layers. Start from the side that has the 1" extra so that the fin always sits ONTOP of the base layer. Never cut through the base layer! only through the top 4 layers. 

You can use the chenille brush to brush up the fresh cut chenille either before you make it into the cushion or after. The nylon bristles will prevent the brush from damaging the base layer.

Trim the piece of chenille fabric to a 19" x 19" square (cushion front).

Congratulations you have finished your cushion front!

These panels can easily be made into a quilt with a little tweaking. If you plan on making these into a quilt you are going to need a backing piece in the stack before you begin sewing. The backing piece will be layed right side DOWN before layering the base fabric and all the coloured fabrics on top. The backing piece will be the same size as the base fabric (20" x 20") and once sewn you will still only cut the top 4 layers. The backing piece and base piece will remain in tact. 

One you have a few squares ready to go you can join them using your favourite Quilt As You Go technique.

Come back for part 2 tomorrow, when you will see how to add a zipper to a cushion back and finish off the cushion.

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