Starburst Workshop

Starburst Workshop gets great numbers

The last 2 Mondays has seen an exceptional group of ladies meet to work on the Starburst quilt pattern. There was a great mix of fabrics and it saw quite alot of progress being made.

We were so lucky to have a newbie join us and get started on her quilt journey. If you haven't done sewing before, most classes can still be taken. Please just let me know you are a newbie and I will let you know if the quilt workshop on offer is suitable. 

A couple of the ladies were unable to make both days so they didn't get as much achieved but will catch up during our regular weekly class times. As always there were many laughs, good food and sewing that was done.  I seam to always get to the end of the day and miss final photos as I get busy in the shop as the ladies pack up and finish up. But none the less, here is what I have to share...



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The quilt is made using 16 fat quarters and the pattern is available here

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