Mystery Quilt Fabric Requirements

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? 

Here’s mine!!!! 

Over the next month or so I’ll be working away using these fabrics. I’m not going to say what it will end up like, so please don’t ask. 

If you don’t like the idea of starting not knowing then you’ll have to wait until the end and come back to the weekly videos to catch up. If you want to let your hair down, take a risk and jump on board by adding a little mystery to your life here’s what you’ll need: 

Background - 2.55m 

Dk Green - 50cm 

Med Green - 60cm 

Light Green - 60cm 

For the next part you can choose any colour you like. For inspiration you could pick your favourite flower colour I used Maroon… 

Darkest - 35cm 

Medium shade - 35cm 

Slightly lighter medium shade - 50cm 

Lightest - 70cm 

Binding - 55cm 

I also have 8 containers for easy storing and identification of fabrics as I go. With fabrics at just $16 or less, now is a great time to visit the website and choose your mystery fabrics… 

I will be starting on Monday June 13th live on Facebook. See you then, Sarah

Full disclosure. This is not a pattern I have designed, it is a free pattern that I am using from the world wide web and a link will be provided once I reveal the finished project.

Cut out your fabrics here!

Episode 1 - Block 6

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