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Matildas Own Water erasable Pen
Matildas Own Water erasable Pen

Matildas Own Water erasable Pen

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    Water Erasable Fabric Marking Pen - Blue Wash Out Pen - By Matilda's Own. This is a lovely fine tipped marking pen perfect for marking out your design project on your quilts or any sewing projects. Can be used for tracing templates, applique, and markings for dressmaking or craft projects. This blue wash out pen is easy to use on different types of fabrics including light fabric.

    A great handy tool to have in the sewing kit. Keep it in easy reach to mark all those important points.

    Markings made with this pen can easily be erased with water. Any lines can be gently wiped off with a damp cloth or rinsed out in cold water. Another great little tool to use is the Water Brush, easy to use just use the small brush which will erase any small area on your work.

    We recommend it's always a good idea to do a test marking on a scrap piece of fabric you will be using. Test how it works on light and dark colours and check how easy it is to remove.

    The lines should not be ironed or hot washed, as doing so may permanently set the marks.

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