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Large Diamond Ruler set (6)
Large Diamond Ruler set (6)

Large Diamond Ruler set (6)

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  • This set has 6 templates
  • The measurements along the sides of the diamond are as follows: the smallest is 2.5” finished along each side, then 2.75", 3", 3.25", 3.5"  and the largest is 3.75".
  • This set compliments the hexagon vh020, triangle vh021, square vh019 and lozenge vh017 sets - please contact to have your set ordered in.
  • Each piece is marked with a letter which corresponds with its coordinating shapes in the other sets, making them easy to match
  • They all have registration holes for easy marking dots on your fabric so you can match and sew with greater accuracy
  • They all have seam allowances included 
  • The see through fibre optic plastic allows you to fussy cut your prints for beautiful blocks.
  • The measurements given on all the pieces are the cut size of the pieces and are for 1/4" piecing.

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