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Hand needle tapestry 18-22 gold eye
Hand needle tapestry 18-22 gold eye

Hand needle tapestry 18-22 gold eye

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Premium Gold Eye Tapestry Needles Size 18-22, Pack of 6 Needles, Hemline Quality Hand Needles

Tapestry needles have a blunted end to pass through needlecraft fabrics and canvas without damaging the weave. They also have a longer eye to thread the thicker yarns used in many crafts.

Hemline Premium Needle Features:-

  • Harder and stronger, made from finely ground steel with a smooth finish plating.
  • Manufactured to a hardness of 58-62 degrees with a very solid quality for increased confidence.
  • A lower angle on the point ensures piercing fabric is as smooth as possible
  • Smooth gold eyes ensure threads are not damaged at any time
  • Manufactured to ISO9001 standards for over 50 years by Japanese expertise.

Exclusive Consumer Pack:-

  • Combines these top quality needles with an easy to use, fun to handle, and very strong pack.
  • Removing and replacing needles has never been easier
  • Flip-top back gives easy access to the needles which simply slide in and out
  • Snaps tightly closed so needles cannot slip out. No need to worry about losing them or keeping them safe
  • Permanently labelled for easy needle identification.

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