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We love our Mini Charm packs here at Cobar Quilt Shop. We always have a large selection to choose from. They can make up into so many different things but today I'm going to show you how I made this gorgeous box zipper case.

So What's in a Mini Charm pack?, you may ask...They have a packet of FORTY-TWO 2 1/2" squares and a fat quarter to match.

We sell them for just $12.50 and for that price, they make great gifts for friends or colleagues.

This bag measures 10cm x 10cm x 20cm and is perfect for sewing supplies, makeup, dolls, cars... or anything else you might want to keep safe.

For this bag I've used the Meraki Mini Charm pack with Fat Quarter.

As well as the pack I needed a scrap/leftover piece of iron on wadding and a 40cm zip.

I laid them out like this and then sewed them into rows.

Once I'd sewn them into rows I joined the rows, matching seams where possible.

I made the traditional Quilt Sandwich with the backing facing right side down, a scrap of iron on wadding in the middle and then the bag on top. Iron it well from the front and the back. Remember to use an ironing mt when ironing the edges so that you don't get wadding stuck to your iron.

Quilt your bag to hold the layers together. You could stitch in the ditch, stitch either side of the ditch, across the diagonals (as I did here). You could use your machine or do it by hand. The possibilities are many!

When quilting across the diagonals you could draw a line, use masking tape to show the line or perhaps use the laser on your sewing machine if you're lucky enough to have one.

If you're not planning on binding the seams inside I would recommend that you seal all the edges now with a zig-zag around the entire outside edge. There is enough fabric left from the Fat quarter if you prefer to bind your raw edges which is my preference.

Trim around the bag now making sure to not cut the zig zag edge.

Now the fun part! Zipper!

I always like to get a longer zip. It really does make it easier and we just trim it off at the end.

Position the zip right side down and with excess hanging out each side. Use your zipper foot and stitch close to the zip. I stitched a second time as I didn't get close enough on the first run.

Match the zip up with the opposite side and stitch along again.

This is what it looks like when you undo the zip.

Now its time to top stitch the zipper down so it sits nicely. I put my regular machine foot back on to do this part.

Do the zip almost all the way up again and sew across the ends. Make sure to go back and forth a couple time over the zip to secure. Trim the zip off.

If you've sealed all the raw edges at the start, you can just leave it be now... OR you could go all fancy and cut a 2" strip from the remaining fabric, fold it in half the way we do with binding and sew it on. This finishes off the bag nicely if you're giving it as a gift or looking for a more professional touch.

It was painful, but so worth it. I highly recommend a new SHARP needle and that you SLOW right down. 

Next we fold those little corners to get a straight seam and sew them. Again, the edges are sealed and can be left without binding but why would I do that...

Definitely remember to slow down over the thick parts.

Do both ends and turn your bag right side out.

Now take your gorgeous little zipper bag and show your friends. They'll be green with envy.

You can buy the Mini Charm packs with a bonus FQ here and the zips here

Sarah Cryer

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