A little unicorn zip bag

A nice little zip bag!


I have made plenty of our box zipper bags over the years but this has been one that I wanted to make for a while now. There are so many cute fabrics that don’t come in precuts and deserve a larger display to show them off. This little one is perfect for that!!

My sons friend had a birthday this week which has given me the opportunity to have a play around making one. The pattern that I trialled yesterday used interfacing rather than wadding and didn’t have the zipper tabs which made it sit a little awkward. Still looked great, but if I’m going to spend a lot of time putting something together for you, then I want perfection!

To make this little zip bag you are going to need:

Exterior: 2 (10” x 8”) pieces

Lining: 2 (10” x 8”) pieces

Zip tabs: 4 (1 ½” x 2”) pieces

Wadding or iron on pellon: 2 (10” x 8”) pieces

Zip: 25cm at least.  Along zip can be shortened easily.

First step is to attach the zipper tabs. Lay a rectangle right side UP on the bench, the zip on top and then a second rectangle right side DOWN lined up on top. Stitch the end that is closest to the end of the zipper.

Trim the end of the zip off and press the tabs away from the zip. Topstitch close to the sewn edge.

Measure along the zip 7.5” and create a mark. This will be the ‘end of the zip’. Make sure to slide the zip so that it sits between the zipper tab and the new mark. Place a zipper tab piece on the bench right side UP, line the zipper up on top with the mark you just created. Place the last zipper tab on top. Make sure to sew the end closest to the outside of the zip (and that this is the end with the mark). Trim the zip that protrudes, press and top stitch close to the sewn edge.

Trim the zipper tab widths to line up with the edges of the zip.

Iron the pellon or wadding to the backside of the exterior pieces. Lay it on the bench right side UP. Place the zipper right side DOWN along the top edge. Place the Lining piece right side DOWN on top of that. Pin and sew using your zipper foot. Press both pieces away from the zip and top stitch along the sewn edge to hold the fabrics away from the zip to save catching.

Place the other exterior piece right side UP on the bench. Place the exterior with the zipper attached right side DOWN and then the remaining lining piece on top of that right side DOWN. Sew the zipper edge using the zipper foot. Press both pieces away from the zipper and top stitch the newly sewn side.   

Fold the bag so that the exterior pieces are together and the lining pieces are together. Make sure the zipper tab is pointing towards the lining section.

Stitch around the bag leaving a 3” hole in the side of the lining. Now cut a 1.5” square from each of the 4 corners. Fold the corners so that you stitch a straight line across the bottom of the bag. You will see it starting to take shape. Repeat for all 4 corners.

Turn the bag right side out through the small hole in the lining. I used a top-stitch close to the fold to close this hole but you could be super good and slip stitch it shut by hand.

Press the corners out and tuck the lining inside the bag and you’re done.



Date 11/7/2020

That’s looks great. Thankyou for the tutorial, you have explained it well and having photos always helps. I’ll be making some of those for Christmas. I’ve made several of the box zipper bags for gifts after I called in at your shop on our travels last year and bought several sets of charm packs.

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